Sunday, 20 October 2013

Friends of Bude Sea Pool

“The Sea Pool at Bude was created in 1930 to provide a haven for safe swimming for local residents and the thousands of people who visit the area each year.

The Sea Pool was threatened with closure and demolition following funding cutbacks. A local charity, the Friends of Bude Sea Pool took on its management in 2012. FoBSP must pay for the Pool’s staffing, restoration and maintenance from memberships, donations, sponsorship and grant funding.

Please join FoBSP and help to save Bude Sea Pool!”

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working on re-designing the Friends of Bude Sea Pool’s leaflet and membership form. As a keen sea swimmer I have visited the sea pool at Bude several times – after being introduced to it by my [university] sea swimming club, in 2012.

I offered to help them re-design the leaflet – for free of course, it’s a good cause! I wanted to make sure the leaflet was visually appealing and eye-catching on the outside, as well as functioning well as a form inside. They provided lots of great photos for me to use, many of which can be found on their Facebook page.

Above is a poster version of the front of the leaflet, and below is the leaflet when viewed flat.

And as the leaflets haven’t been printed yet, I’ve attempted to simulate it (badly).

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  1. you have a great romance for Cornwall, its awesome. keep up the great work