Sunday, 27 October 2013

How to waste a Sunday afternoon as a Menzingers fan

For the last few months, well the last year really, I haven’t been able to stop listening to The Menzingers. I’d say it’s verging on musical obsession now, especially considering what I spent several hours doing this afternoon…

So because I’m a sad and slightly obsessed Menzingers fan, whenever I listen to them I like to play a game of ‘Greg or Tom?’. This basically involves trying to work out who the main vocalist is for a particular song. They both have pretty distinct voices to be fair but sometimes they both sing at the same time and it can be difficult to work out on some of the older songs. I’ve even seen comments on You Tube where people have said they didn’t know that band had two singers!

What did I work out? At least if my own ears and YouTube observational skills are accurate enough. I’m sure I may have got a few of these wrong (No We Didn’t in particular, I had to listen to several times and I’m still not certain it’s Greg singing).
  • Overall, it seems that Greg sings more songs but that’s more because Tom has a lot of songs where Greg joins in for the chorus, which doesn’t seem to happen so much the other way around.
  • They both sing at the same time in a lot of the earlier songs, particularly the choruses if not the whole song.
  • Tom sings a lot of the earlier stuff including when Greg sings a bit (A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology and Chamberlain Waits). Whilst Greg has the majority on the latest album (On The Impossible Past).
  • If you count the songs that are ‘Mostly Tom’ as just being Tom and the same for Greg, they sing an equal amount of songs… But then maybe that’s just how my ears worked it out.
And that’s how to waste a Sunday afternoon as a Menzingers fan – and a graphic designer.

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