Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I’ve mentioned before how I’m really disappointed that I didn’t properly study history at school – stupid “humanities”. But I am really quite interested in history in general and it’s better to be interested than interesting (said someone, who I’ve quoted before). Unfortunately, I feel pretty ignorant about most things. Even something as significant (and horrifying) as the holocaust, I learnt very little about at school.

Maus has long been on my book “wishlist”, although mostly because it’s considered to be a classic graphic novel rather than specifically the subject matter. It’s actually a biography of sorts, which I didn’t realise until I started reading it, and tells the story of the graphic novelist[Art Speigelman]’s father. So although the Nazis are represented as cats and the Jews as mice, it’s actually a very real story.

I’ve just got one remaining chapter to read and it’s genuinely been a brilliant read. If you can call something with such horrible subject matter such as Auschwitz a brilliant read. This person has written a better review than I could even attempt to do, so read their blog.

I am recommending you read this, whether you like graphic novels or not – this aint no super hero story.

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