Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rebranding Feminism

I read this article on Creative Review today on my lunch break – “Elle magazine has approached three advertising agencies – Brave, Mother and Wieden + Kennedy London – and asked them to rebrand feminism.”

Obviously, as a female, I support feminism – are there actually any women out there that don’t? But it’s only recently, I think in the last year or so, that I’ve actually really considered myself to have some quite strong views regarding it. Although I say strong with a bit of a ‘pinch of salt’ because it’s not as if I’ve campaigned about it or anything. Mostly I just get more and more annoyed by the lyrics in songs that are played on the radio…

Anyway, I don’t read Elle or follow what they do at all but I appreciate this. Wieden + Kennedy’s interpretation is the best in my opinion. But why oh why did they use pink?

“Wieden + Kennedy and Vagenda have created a press ad that addresses the many stereotypes that women have to field, cliches that are arguably propogated most by women's magazines, which of course include Elle.”

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