Sunday, 5 January 2014

Future City

Whether I love or hate Milton Keynes (I think I’m indifferent right now but it varies), there’s no escaping the fact that I was born here… and, at least for the next few months, I still live here.

Future City is an exhibition at MK Gallery that looks back at the utopian origins of Milton Keynes and considers the future of the city – technically Milton Keynes isn’t even a city, it’s a town. Unfortunately today was the last day for the exhibition so it’s highly unlikely anyone reading this that hasn’t been will be able to go… all the more reason for me to share some photos!

When Bradwell Common was literally just a common.
Model of Milton Keynes features some things that were never built
(or haven’t been yet at least).
A plan for Campbell Park/Central Park that never was.
Paintings by Stephen Gregory.
Sketches of Milton Keynes from the ’80s.

“I bet the world will end and they will still be building Milton Keynes.”
– Elizabeth, aged 8.

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