Tuesday, 18 February 2014

In Remission

I can’t put into words just how excited this video/song/band makes me. I’m not even going to try… I’m just going to continue listening to this on repeat until April 22nd when the new album Rented World is out. (Nevermind the fact I’ll be in Japan – it’s cool, I’ve got Spotify mobile.)

I ♥ The Menzingers
Posted a few hours ago on Noisey. I have pre-ordered the album on vinyl!
I haven’t used iTunes in a while…

ps. noone tell the band but I don’t like the album cover. It doesn’t matter too much, I know the music will be brilliant, but I am a graphic designer and I do design record sleeves myself (sometimes). I am generally not a fan of album covers with a photo of the band on… and where’s the band name/logo? Hmmm… 

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