Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Art of Hot Water Music

Although unfortunately I don’t actually own physical copies of any of these albums (I only have Exister in CD form), I can still very much appreciate the interesting and unusual album artwork. Even if it is fairly small in iTunes/Spotify, I still noticed them. However, I’ve been listening to HWM for several years and it took until yesterday for me to look up who created the artwork… but I’m glad I did.

Scott Sinclair, or Sinc, is the man behind these intriguing album covers, as well as being an all round talented illustrator/artist – both digitally and traditionally. Plus, he’s a creative involved in the making of the video game Bioshock. Cool, huh?

Two things that are particularly striking to me:
1. The artwork reminds me of Picasso… and another artist that I can’t quite recall.
2. It’s really lovely that HWM chose one illustrator/designer/artist to create their album artwork for so many years. Although their last album cover, for Exister, is strikingly different to these – and not designed by Sinclair, which is a shame.

The Image Archive on Sinclair’s website is really great.

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