Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Reviving Flickr

After asking around on Twitter whether there was a better website to upload, share and categorise photos (result: there wasn’t really), I decided to revive my Flickr account. Mostly for the purpose of sharing my Japan photos – in ‘sets’, day-by-day or place-by-place. But as I haven’t been to Japan yet, I’ve been uploading other photos.

If you ever looked at my Flickr account before (I’m talking a few years ago), you will remember that I used it for only two things: Trees and Signs & Lettering. Those ‘sets’ are still there, with a few more photos added to each – when I say a few I mean a lot of trees and the odd sign here and there. I now have a Doors ‘set’ as well, but I haven’t dug out all my door photos yet. Plus Milton Keynes and Stockholm. Could do Berlin as well… getting a bit carried away with my 1 terabyte of space.

Anyway, isn’t the new Flickr way of displaying photos, nice and large, pretty?

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