Sunday, 16 March 2014

Tree Cathedral

Contrary to popular belief, Milton Keynes does in fact have a cathedral… it is just that it is made of trees. Now, I like cathedrals (architecturally not religiously) and I love trees so the tree cathedral at Newlands, near Willen Lake, is right up my [tree-lined] street.

“The tree cathedral’s outline is based on Norwich Cathedral and was designed in 1986 by landscape architect Neil Higson. He chose different species of trees to represent the character of the Cathedral's sections: hornbeam and tall-growing lime for the Nave, evergreens to represent the central tower and spires, flowering cherry and apple as a focus in the chapels.” The Parks Trust

I spent a little while this afternoon wandering around and inside the ‘cathedral’. Despite both of the Willen lakes and Gullivers Land being packed with people, I was the only person at the tree cathedral. I think it is relatively unknown to most Milton Keynsians – although I am by no means complaining, it was lovely to have it to myself. Even with the busy dual carriageways running alongside and the occasional scream of a child in the neighbouring theme park, it was quite peaceful.

First, some flowers.
Inside the ‘cathedral’.
Sun! I kinda like it.
Up to the viewpoint from the Chapter House Mound.
The middle.
Lots of different trees… that I cannot name.
Trees form archways.
Yes, I Photoshopped this one a little:
Back to Willen Lake and up this hill…
And back to the Buddhist monastery/temple again – I can’t stay away.
One World Tree.
Pagoda through the trees.
The Labyrinth.

I realise I’m not much of a photographer – the sky colouring is all over the place. I like to think of this more as documentation of my afternoon than an example of good photography. It’s not a good example of photography, I just like trees.

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