Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A world without colour

I don’t watch much television any more – and if I do it is usually a BBC channel (no adverts) – so I don’t tend to see many ads unless they are posted on design blogs or on Twitter. I do, however, go to the cinema most Wednesdays (but not tonight!) and that is where only the best adverts are shown. Well, not all of them are great but often there is just one that sticks in my mind after the film has finished…

This is the most recent one that I’ve been wanting to share – and kept forgetting to. It’s produced by BBH (Bartle Bogle Hegarty) and is reminiscent of Sony Bravia’s colourful bouncing ball ad, as well as other colourful ads of the last few years. But I like this one best. Nice classic Old English Sheepdog cameo at the end too.

FUN FACT: When I was a little girl I wanted a ‘Dulux dog’ and I’m almost certain a dog very similar featured in some illustrated stories that I created.

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