Tuesday, 1 April 2014

An emc blogger

Last week I wrote a blog for emc design, which was published this morning – not as an April Fools’ joke! It is on the subject of keyboard shortcuts and you can have a gander at it over here. I’m hoping to do some more blogs for emc as I really enjoy the writing and publishing of my own words and opinions. Which is something that I hope I vaguely get across here on my own blog with my somewhat sporadic posts, although they do tend to be more visually orientated. I am a graphic designer after all and by no means an eloquent writer (not to mention that I spelt ‘eloquent’ incorrectly the first time).

I am planning on re-versioning and updating my university dissertation for a future emc blog. I feel some of the subject matter is very relevant to the ELT (English Language Teaching) industry – which is what we predominantly work in. If you can’t remember or, probably more likely that you, don’t know what my dissertation topic was – it was over two years ago:

Transport, tourism and cross-cultural signage
How an increase in world transport and tourism has created a greater demand for concise cross-cultural signage: The boundaries and relationship between language, culture, visual communication and navigation.

You can read the original here on Issuu if you fancy it or simply wait for the time when I’ve written the new [shorter] version for the emc blog. I think it will also be appropriate for me to write some kind of post-Japan blog for emc, considering language differences etc. Watch this space… or more importantly, the emc blog space. And Twitter too.

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