Thursday, 10 April 2014

I will be in Japan for the next 16 days

I won’t be blogging while I’m away, as I’m not taking a computer with me. So you can expect a flood of posts and hundreds of photographs here when I’m back home – as well as on Flickr.

I will, however, be tweeting and instagram-ing when I can, as I will have my iPhone – there will be wifi available to me in some places but not everywhere.

Just a quick run through of where I will be and when:

Friday 11th April Depart London, UK: 13:05
Saturday 12th Arrive Tokyo, Japan: 08:50
Sunday 13th Tokyo
Monday 14th Tokyo
Tuesday 15th Tokyo–Kanazawa
Wednesday 16th Kanazawa
Thursday 17th Kanazawa–Shirakawago
Friday 18th Shirakawago–Takayama
Saturday 19th Takayama
Sunday 20th Takayama–Matsumoto
Monday 21st Matsumoto–Kiso Valley, Magome–Tsumago–Nasigo–Tsumago
Tuesday 22nd Tsumago–Nasigo–Nagoya–Kyoto
Wednesday 23rd Kyoto
Thursday 24th Kyoto–Osaka–Kyoto
Friday 25th Kyoto–Odawara–Hakone (Mt Fuji National Park)
Saturday 26th Hakone–Tokyo
Sunday 27th Leave Tokyo. Depart: 11:15. Arrive 15:45

Cue jet-lag.

Now I’m off to check for the seventeenth (number chosen at random) time that I have packed everything.

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