Sunday, 6 April 2014

Too organised?

It isn’t possible to be too organised for a trip, is it? My bulging notebook would suggest that I am well-prepared for my Japan trip, which commences on Friday – although there’s plenty of blank pages left in it! Here’s what it was like before I’d filled it, and here is what it’s looking like now:

The notebook is filled with; maps, notes that I’ve written myself of things to do – as well as general things, for example, info about money and etiquette, scans from various Japan travel books and a lot of bits cut out /photocopied from my Inside Japan information pack.

Inside Japan are the travel specialists who have organised and booked my holiday for me. It’s not a typical tour package as such, as I am just going by myself. But they have taken into account what I am interested in seeing in Japan and the places I want to go. Basically they’ve organised accommodation, most of my transport and some special things like attending a tea ceremony/trying on a kimono. Plus they’ve organised two guided tour days – one in Tokyo and one in Kyoto.

They sent a massive information pack, a few weeks ago, with basically everything I need to know about my trip. As well as a general overview booklet with where I’ll be on each day and how to get between destinations, they also provided individual booklets for each of the places I will be visiting. Of course, I wasn’t interested in everything in all of the booklets so I have selected certain bits and compiled it in my own notebook.

My own personal guide book. With plenty of room to add to it whilst I’m in Japan.

Scans with highlighting.
I wrote this brief day-by-day plan today.
Hiroshige ukiyo-e print images used for the opening page of each ‘chapter’.
(Sadly not actually representative of the exact place they’re paired with.)
Some basic info provided by Inside Japan paperclipped in the back.

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