Wednesday, 7 May 2014

7 Portraits in the Old Capital

I still haven’t finished going through all of my Japan photographs yet. Nor, indeed, compiling them into a travel journal website. But I am working on it and the journal is starting to take shape – I think it’s looking pretty good too! A simple layout but well thought out. I’m up to Day 13 (Kyoto) of sorting through photos and Day 5 (Kanazawa) of laying the travel journal out in Dreamweaver.

As I travelled alone, I don’t have a whole load of photographs of myself which is kind of a shame as it was my holiday. For the most part though, I wasn’t that bothered and I took some ‘selfies’ on my iPhone – of course those are pretty terrible quality (forward facing camera isn’t amazing). But during Day 13 in Kyoto I had a tour guide and he was very insistent on taking my photo. So going through the photos this evening, I’ve decided to share a few.

I wouldn’t normally post photos of myself on my blog or indeed the Internet in general, unless I’m in some elaborate fancy dress or something (halloween!). BUT I went to Japan and it was a big deal for me. Also, this is my blog and I can do what I want! So…

All of these photographs are taken in Kyoto (the former capital of Japan).

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