Monday, 26 May 2014

Bank Holiday Shark Art

As I’m moving out of my parents’ house within the next month (more on that nearer the time), I have been trying to clear out my room of all the old junk I don’t need or use anymore. On Saturday, I was sorting through my school, college and university art supplies. I threw out a lot of old paints, pens and paper (I recycled the paper, of course) and set aside some things to go to charity.

However, I made sure to keep a decent amount of supplies for myself with the intention of actually using them. I’ve got a couple of pieces of lino and a lino cutter that I’ve never used along with some printing ink – that I have used before but only for mono printing. I’ll have to think carefully about what I want to do with that…

For today I just got out the ol’ colouring pencils (they’re actually the kind that you can add water to and turn it into watercolour paints, but I like them as pencils) and drew some sharks.

I’d like to say I’ll draw some more sharks but I’m not making any promises. I may move onto other sea creatures… or something else entirely! Either way, hopefully this is not the last art I do. I’ve at least got to try some painting – watercolour, oil, acrylic, whatever – and lino printing.

I tweeted something earlier that I think is worth mentioning here (a little elaborated as I can use more than 140 characters!): Drawing is fun but I always feel like I need to have purpose for my drawings. Like with these sharks, I feel like they should go onto an informational shark species poster or something. I guess my mind is very much a designer’s and not an artist’s.

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