Sunday, 18 May 2014

Cat Island

There is an island in Ishinomaki, Japan (north of Tokyo), called Tashirojima, that is full of cats. In fact there are more cats than human inhabitants with the cat:human ratio at 4:1. Which sounds pretty amazing to me.

Photos by: Fubirai (Seriously check out that link, so many amazing photos of the cats.)

“It’s no accident that the cats who inhabit Tashirojima, or what has become known as ‘Cat Island’, in Japan have come to be the island's primary residents. Cats have long been thought by the locals to represent luck and good fortune, and doubly so if you feed and care for them. Thus, the cats are treated like kings, and although most are feral because keeping them as ‘pets’ is generally considered inappropriate, they are well-fed and well-cared-for.”Atlas Obscura

I have read about and seen pictures of this so-called Cat Island before… So, I’m partly sharing this now because these photos are beautiful. And also, because I think the Atlas Obscura website is wonderful.

“In an age where everything seems to have been explored and there is nothing new to be found, we celebrate a different way of looking at the world. Atlas Obscura is a collaborative project. We depend on our far-flung community of explorers (like you!) to help us discover amazing, hidden spots, and share them with the world. If you know of a curious place that's not already in the Atlas, let us know.”about Atlas Obscura

Go discover!

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