Saturday, 3 May 2014

Is English the ultimate global language?

I have been working on a five-part blog series for the emc design blog, entitled ‘Is English the ultimate global language?’. It is a bit of a re-visit to my university dissertation, which I mentioned in this previous blog post, but also takes into account our role within the English Language Teaching market.

Parts one and two were published whilst I was in Japan. I had the posts ready beforehand, of course – I didn't do any work whilst I was on holiday! (Although my experiences of English vs. Japanese language and being an English-speaking tourist/traveller are something I'd like to write another emc blog on!)

Part two was about Esperanto and has received an overwhelming amount of attention from some Esperanto speakers out there on the Internet. It's been very interesting. We actually have a guest post coming up as a follow-up to my post, regarding Esperanto.

Post number three went live this week: English – the lingua franca of world transport and part four is scheduled for next week. Part five, the concluding part, I still have to do a bit of work on but hopefully it will conclude the series the following week.

I've now got my own Wordpress account linked to the emc blog so it has been good to be able to publish my own words in my name. Hopefully, I'll be writing lots more in the future.

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