Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I have moved

I no longer live in Milton Keynes. I have now officially moved to Bedford. In fact, I officially moved to Bedford on Sunday.

I wouldn’t say I was glad to leave Milton Keynes – as you may be aware, I have grown to like the place somewhat since returning from university. But I am super excited to be living in my own place (well, half my own place – I’m sharing with a work colleague/friend) and pretty much starting a whole new chapter in my life. Unlike when I left home to go to uni, I don’t intend to go back to living at my parents’ house ever again. Unless I absolutely have to… and of course, I would be welcome back.

I have been pretty non-stop-busy since Saturday morning when I got my keys and started moving my stuff into the new place. It is now starting to look like a home and is almost looking how I want it… or we, I should say, for the lounge/kitchen at least.

I have a wardrobe (with four bonus drawers) being delivered on Thursday which means I can tidy away all my clothes and other bits of clutter that are filling my new room at the moment. We are also getting a sofa delivered on the same day… Then it will be home.

First car load packed up – sadly, Cleo couldn’t actually come with me.
Empty bedroom.
A work-in-progress.
Last night in MK, spent with Cleo-cat.
Milton Keynsian concrete cow, Batcow, has moved to Bedford.
When I was lacking in record player, speakers and Macbook…
It was warm. It still is. Ice lolly as viewed from lounge.
Well-earned/much-needed pint on Sunday night in the lovely D’Parys beer garden.
The view from the window in the hallway just outside my flat front door.
My very own Buddha that Mama-Prew gifted me.
Record player and general music space set up.
Poster framed this evening ready to go on the wall, along with others.

Yeah, the only photos I have so far are as-seen-on-Instagram photos and these don’t even show the actual flat much…

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