Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Band of Themed Album Covers

I was listening to Band of Horses, one of my absolute favourite [non-punk] bands, on Spotify earlier and I happened to notice – not for the first time – the visual theme throughout all of their album covers. They use the same script font for their logo and place it over a photograph of the natural world in some shape or form. They each look great alone, but when you stick them all together…

Cease to Begin (below) is the least similar of the album covers, but it’s one I own on vinyl!
Even the Spotify Sessions artwork matches the theme!
And some single covers, as well.

I really like it when a band sticks to one visual identity for themselves from day one – if it’s a good identity anyway – even if it’s just a logo or typography choices. (I blogged about the album artwork of Hot Water Music not so long ago, most of which were created by one particular artist – and look awesome.)

Although, of course bands can do whatever they want with the artwork and it’s really down to the music to hook me. The Gaslight Anthem, for example, are one of my favourite bands, I would probably even say my most favourite, but their new album (yet to be released) artwork is just ugly.

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