Sunday, 20 July 2014

Bedford River Festival

This weekend Bedford is holding it’s bi-annual (that’s a word, right? Only happens every two years.) famous River Festival. Yesterday I spent almost the whole day there, from about 1pm until 11pm – there was a lot to do/see/eat/listen to/watch! I was there with Steve and several of my colleague/friends from work. The weather was great, despite thinking all week that it was going to be torrential rain and thunderstorms. It was actually very warm and mostly sunny all day. No rain coat needed at all.

I have similar plans for today, this time with Ruby who is coming down from Ely (Cambridgeshire) to visit my new home for the first time. In fact, she’s the first of my uni friends to visit. It should be another great day, starting with the floats parade at midday.

The festival was huge, much bigger and well-put-together than I ever imagined – having never been to the Bedford River Festival before. And it was excellent. It’s a shame that it only happens once every two years (but I can see why judging by all the litter last night) but I’m glad that it happens at all. And I’m really happy I live here too.

A couple o’ photos from Instagram, as always.

Meanwhile, Milton Keynes is having it’s International Festival this weekend as well, which also looks pretty awesome and I feel ever so slightly traitorous to my hometown. But I can always go to that next year!

EDITED to include today’s photos – mostly the parade:

So, a great weekend all-in-all!

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