Friday, 8 August 2014

World Cat Day

A lunchtime spent browsing through my Twitter-stream told me that today is, apparently, World Cat Day! How did I not know?!

I had a read/look at this Best Cats on the Internet post by i100 – a website I keep finding myself linked to (via Twitter) lately. The website seems, to me, to be a more respectable version of Buzzfeed – from The Independent newspaper – with lots of Top 10 articles and weird/interesting news stories.

And so I read the article, featuring their Top 13 cats on the Internet, but found myself disagreeing with the list. Some of the cats I haven’t even heard of or seen before – Snoopy? Brother Cream? And Maru should definitely be a lot higher up the list!

I decided, as the crazy-cat-lady that I am, I should make my own list! Not just Internet cats, however. Because all cats are awesome whether they are of Internet fame, fictional or just a random kitty you see walking down the street.

(because 9 lives, y’know.)

9 Tara the heroine
The cat that saved her young human from a dog attack.

8 Nyan cat
The rainbow-pop tart cat with an incredibly catchy soundtrack.

7 Pusheen
The adorably animated fat cat.

6 Street Cat Bob
The ex-stray cat who found his human busking on the streets of London.

5 Keyboard cat
The most talented of musical cats.

(Also, seen in the cinema last night… this is amazing!!)

4 The Bear
The world’s most melancholic cat, literary and Twitter star.

Everyone’s favourite animal/vehicle, from Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro.

The box-loving cat from Japan.

The [cat] love of my life and feature of many-a-Instagram post, my tailless-tabby-cat.

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