Friday, 19 September 2014

Lil ’Zill

The last time I tried to make anything with fimo modelling clay I was at college (being an art student!) and it did not turn out so well. But seeing as I failed to acquire a Godzilla action figure for my boyfriend, Steve, in Japan and having looked at the extortionate prices of those going on eBay – mostly imports from Japan too (where were they when I was there?!) – I decided to have a go at crafting my own. And anyway, a personalised Godzilla is far more special than a figure that anyone could have, right?

I admit that he didn’t end up looking too much like Godzilla specifically but he certainly looks like some kind of dino-creature. I only bought a small set of fimo (it was actually designed for kids to create dinosaurs!) and used all of the green provided to create the little guy. There is however, a pack of red, yellow and most of the purple left to use for a future dino – or maybe even a dragon.

He has been named Lil ’Zill

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