Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Cat Toons

Last night, as I often [sadly] do, I found myself looking at a new cat profile on Instagram. Seriously, Instagram is full of cats, and they’re all wonderful, so it is very easy to get caught up looking at their cuteness – especially when my own kitty is 20 miles away. Also because, y’know, I’m what you might call a crazy cat lady. But this particular Instagram profile is cats with a difference.

Custom illustrated cartoon portraits of your feline friends, Cat Toons is the successful side project of graphic designer and illustrator Tim K, from Philadelphia. The illustrations capture each individual cat’s personalities and they certainly don’t all look the same (which is probably what would happen if I attempted something like this!).

The Cat Toons store offers various different options for your cat’s portrait, ranging from a single cat crest to a trio of cats. Each crest is unique in design and includes a stylised name plate, making it not only each cat that is individual.

The illustrations are produced in Adobe Illustrator with a Wacom intuos tablet and, as a customer, you receive not only a copy of the digital file but also a 4x6 print.

Tim, of course, is a cat owner himself and his cat Junior (and his crochet partner in crime, Floppit) has his own Instagram account too.

It is very tempting to send a photo of Cleo over to Tim. She’d look marvelous in her own Cat Toon, don’t you think? Although I’d have to find a more face-on photograph (or visit my parents’ house and Cleo to take a new one).

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