Saturday, 15 November 2014


After work on Thursday, a few of us stayed on to learn the craft of linocut! Director of the company, Mike, recently did a two day course in London learning the craft himself. I followed some of his photos on Instagram at the time – they’re awesome. Mike enjoyed it so much that he thought it would a great idea to get more of us, at emc, involved in linocutting.

Strangely, despite being a student of art and design for 5 years (college and university), I’ve never properly done any linocutting/printing. I’ve done monoprinting which is, I think, probably the laziest of all printing techniques and did a workshop in letterpress printing a few years ago (blog here and here). I think I was always a bit scared of the actual carving-into-lino process and figured it would take a lot of time and skill.

But it didn’t really. I’m happy with what I produced and can’t wait to a) print some more from this design and b) carve and print some new designs!

I’ve got myself a roller, some ink, some lino and a handle… but no blades. Christmas is coming, maybe I’ll treat myself.

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