Saturday, 3 January 2015

Love Japan magazine

I have been very much enjoying my almost-two-week-long Christmas break: relaxing, sleeping in, eating nice food, being at home with the parents and the cat, not driving around, not spending money and not working. Well, not my day job anyway. I have, however, been keeping creative both by making a start on the physical book version of my Japan (April, 2014) travel journal and with another Japan-themed project…

I have been working on the branding for Love Japan magazine, a new magazine for, you guessed it, fans of Japan.

I’ve been a bit magazine mad recently; writing for our college magazine, and researching fashion magazines for work I’ve been doing in and out of college, so I think this was the catalyst for Love Japan. I wanted this magazine to have the aesthetics of independent magazines that I’ve fallen in love with, whilst focusing on Japanese culture, travel, lifestyle, food and fashion. Issue #1 will be released in the Spring and I’ve got contributors from the UK, USA and Japan working on articles.
– via Emily, the brains behind Love Japan magazine (taken from her own blog post, here – which mentions me!)

The stand-alone logo graphic
A colour palette to be used throughout the magazine and website
Title typography for the front cover of the magazine

I also created a selection of patterns to be used within the magazine for backgrounds and/or borders, suggested how typography could be used and produced a sample design for the layout.

I can’t wait to see and read the first issue when it is released in the Spring!

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