Saturday, 17 January 2015


Not sure why I haven’t shared this on my blog already, as I set up my Pinterest account back in 2014 – well, it was the end of the year, but still 2014. I’m not an addicted Pinterest user, at least not yet, but I’ve been infrequently filling up my ‘boards’ and creating new ones for the last month or so. It is a great website and useful when working on a specific design project, to gather research.

The original reason that I set my account up was to create a Japan-themed board for my Love Japan Magazine research. It was useful not just for me to gather ideas, but also for Emily, the brains behind Love Japan, to see what I had in mind for the identity.

I’ve now got a few more pinboards than just the Japanese Influence board, but it’s definitely the one with the most ‘pins’. Some of my other boards include editorial design, typography & lettering, patterns and trees.

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