Monday, 23 March 2015

Film photography – Cornwall, Bedford & beyond

I’ve been using my dad’s old electric Pentax film camera for a number of years now. Although my photography using it is quite infrequent – partly because I forget that I have it, partly because it’s just easier to use my iPhone to snap pictures here and there. But mostly because it’s not so cheap to develop photos and buy replacement film. At least, not as cheap (free) as using iPhone/Instagram! However, when I do remember to take the camera out and about with me, take some pictures and splurge out on film processing, I am usually not at all disappointed by the photos.

I sent off two rolls of film to be developed a few weeks ago – a 24 exp. and a 36 exp. film – and received the photos back in the post on Friday. Most of them are from mine and Steve’s holiday in Cornwall last September (iPhone version of photos here) – in fact all of the first 24 photos are, along with some of the 36. The remainder of the 36 photos were taken in Southampton, Bedford and London.

Some of the photos are just light effects like this, but I kinda like it!
The Eden Project, Cornwall
Gylly beach, Falmouth, Cornwall
The Lizard peninsula, Cornwall
St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall
The harbour, Falmouth, Cornwall
More light effects!
Boat trip over to St Mawes from Falmouth, Cornwall
St Mawes, Cornwall
Priory Lake, Bedford
The river, Bedford
Bedford park, Bedford
Stevington Windmill, Bedfordshire
The docks, Southampton
Walking the walls, Southampton
Battersea Park peace pagoda, London

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