Sunday, 22 March 2015

Five Thousand Miles: the cover

This is a little bit of a work in progress… in that I need to take a closer look at how each image here has been cropped. Just to make sure that there are no strange keylines or generally funny-looking bits of photos. Also, I’m not 100% on how I’ve got my name here – not sure how legible it is. Maybe have to shuffle around a few images so that the red text is more clear overlaying whatever photos.

BUT this is the design for the cover of Five Thousand Miles, at least.

There was no way I was ever going to be able to decide on a single image to use for the cover, so this seemed like the best solution! There are even more images on the back cover too, as I’ve (currently) chosen not to have any kind of blurb on the back.

The insides of the book are very nearly complete. It just needs a few final tweaks to scanned images that are in place and a final look over – by someone other than myself! Still on track for printing/online publishing in April.

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