Saturday, 14 March 2015

Miscellaneous samurai cats of unknown origin

I started a ‘Cats, cats, cats’ board on Pinterest last week. It was a spur of the moment thing and serves no more of a purpose than my ‘Trees’ board does – I like trees, and I like cats, so I collect images of them. Whereas, at least my food and design boards serve an inspiration purpose. But anyway, it’s my Pinterest account and I can pin what I want!

One of the first images that got pinned to the Cats, cats, cats board features many wonderful samurai or ninja felines. Unfortunately, as is the way with many of the images on Pinterest, I have no idea who the artist is or even where these cats come from. My ‘pin’ is pinned from someone else, who seems to have found the image here – a website that is basically a Chinese Tumblr. I’ve tried a Google search-by-image but it only brings up more Pinterest pages and mystery Chinese or Japanese blogs.

Alas, I tried. Now enjoy the miscellaneous samurai cats of unknown origin in all their glory:

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