Monday, 6 April 2015

Canalside walk: Wolverton to Cosgrove

This morning, well late-morning/almost afternoon, I took a walk from Wolverton to Cosgrove along the Grand Union Canal with my parents and some of their friends. It was about a 4 or 5 mile round trip with a lovely pub lunch at the Barley Mow, in Cosgrove (I had beer-battered fish and chips and half a pint of English ale – see photo below). I was planning on joining them on the walk anyway but was all the more encouraged when I woke up this morning, opened the curtains and saw how sunny it was. It’s about time too!

The only really sunny, warm and Spring-like day I can recall this year so far is when Steve and I went to the Battersea Park peace pagoda, in London, at the beginning of March. No doubt there have been some sunny days whilst I’ve been at work as well, but I don’t get to enjoy the sunshine so much inside the office! However, now that the clocks have gone forward and Spring is well and truly here, it is nice to leave work in daylight. If it remains warmer and sunnier, I may even start venturing outdoors after work!

That bridge with the cyclists on it is in fact the Grand Union canal that crosses over this other river. If you look closely, you can see a canal boat crossing over. Seems strange that boats go over a bridge to cross another body of water.
I probably shouldn’t have found this sign so amusing… but I did.
Here’s the canal going over the river!
Cosgrove church between the trees.
We had to walk through this old horse tunnel to get to the pub. Not sure how big the horses were as my dad had to duck a little!
Nice pint of English ale at the Barley Mow in Cosgrove… well, this is dad’s pint as I only had half. But he got the proper relevant beer glass.
The old railway works in Wolverton, alongside the canal.
My first photograph of daffodils this Spring.
I really liked this huge old railway bridge, so I went back to take a photo before we went home.

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