Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Copenhagen: Day 3 of 3

Day 3 of 3 (Sunday 29th March, 2015):
Sight-seeing canal and harbour tour-boat, a little bit of sunshine (even though the forecast was for heavy rain!), one last stroll of the Copenhagen streets, finding [the closed] Tivoli gardens and heading home.

We gave our feet a well-earned rest and hopped on a canal tour boat. The tour was excellent and highly informative.
I packed my sunglasses back in the suitcase this morning as it had been grey all weekend and was again first thing – plus the forecast was for heavy rain.
It did rain later on, but I still spent the first part of the tour being dazzled by the sun.
Royal island residence
The Little Mermaid, as viewed from the sea
The boat roamed off into Christianshavn, an area we hadn’t seen much of on foot.
The ‘Church of Our Saviour’. It would have been good to see this up close – amazing architecture.
A Danish eco-architecture design project – looks like the Eden Project!
Stormbroen, the attack bridge, is a very old bridge in Gammel Strand.
Part of Christiansborg Palace – the palace that was built, burnt down, built, burnt down, built… and remained.
One the left: the Royal Danish PlayHouse. One the right: the Copenhagen Opera House
This building doesn't look like anything special but the ground floor is home to the ‘best restaurant’ in the whole of Denmark, some say the whole of the world! It's called Noma.
The lowest bridge of the tour, back in Nyhavn. We realised that these low bridges must mean that the ships moored up don’t actually go anywhere… ever. As they have tall masts and sails!
No. 4, the narrowest building in Copenhagen. Not easy to photograph in a square format.
I loved the Danish combination of bold painted brickwork and large imposing doors.
Camouflage! One of my favourite photos of the trip.
A door belonging to the Round Tower, but not the main door. 
And the main door of the Round Tower!
A dude with an axe and Christiansborg Palace.
The tiled street floor of Strøget, the main shopping street.
Tivoli is arguably the must-see tourist attraction for visitors to Copenhagen… aside from the fact that it wasn’t open when we were there.
 This is Mr Hans Christian Anderson gazing across the road to Tivoli.
 We had to make do with what we could glimpse through the fence.
Lots of neat shop signs in Copenhagen too – this one is for a puppet theatre, I believe.
And that is where the photographs end, for we went off in search of a late-lunch and then headed to the airport.

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