Sunday, 5 April 2015

Japan Zoologisk Have

I spotted this postcard in the Copenhagen Zoo shop last Saturday and, well, how could I not buy it? I have no idea why this exists. I mean, I assume it is from an old poster for the zoo (much like London Zoo has) but just why exactly it has a samurai on it I do not know. I’m not sure there was anything particularly Japanese about the zoo and I can’t think of any specific animals they had that are native to Japan. But hey, cool postcard!


  1. Hi, to answer your question: it is a reproduction of a poster that was for a japanese exhibition which took place at the Zoo there. The exhibition was a form of human zoo - a phenomenon from roughly 1850-1950 where groups from all over the world were brought to Europe and the US where they performed their "traditional life" for paying visitors. This phenomenon was very popular back then but has been mostly forgotten.

  2. ... here is a link to my online archive on the topic of human zoos: