Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pedal Down

I had the pleasure of seeing Chuck Ragan, one of my most favourite musicians, live in London last week for the fifth* time. Chuck and his band, The Camaraderie – comprising of bass guitar, pedal steel guitar, fiddle and drums (plus Chuck with the acoustic guitar and harmonica) – put on an outstanding show. Probably even better than when I saw them last May. This time I didn’t have my usual gig-buddy-boyfriend with me, but I did have both of my parents! And they loved it almost as much as me.

The support acts Tim Vantol and Skinny Lister are absolutely, 100% worth a mention too as both were excellent. The latter I had listened to prior and was excited to see. The former I had heard of but never properly listened to – he’s playing in Milton Keynes later this month so I’m going to go to that (with the ’rents again!). I would also highly recommend the Scala music venue. It’s fairly small, the sound is great and they played the best between-sets music I’ve ever heard at a gig – although, I am not sure if that was their doing directly or the people with the bands.

I picked up this beautiful screenprinted A2-sized Pedal Down Europe tour poster at the show. I’ve always wanted to buy a nice gig poster but there have never been any that really caught my eye until this one. At least not actually at the gigs I’ve been to – there’s loads online that I like the look of. I haven’t got a frame for it yet so had to masking tape it to the floor to take a decent photo!

I spent about 10 or 15 minutes, this evening, trawling around Google and Google images trying to find out the designer of the poster. I had no such luck finding out myself (I couldn’t even find the poster, let alone its creator), so I asked Chuck Ragan on Twitter instead. Which turned out to be a much better solution as he replied within minutes.

Devan Power is a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ designer and illustrator based in Toronto. He’s previously worked with Hot Water Music, Chuck Ragan’s long-standing hardcore punk band, and a number of other music-related clients. I’m now following him on Instagram. He posted this poster himself a few days ago – apparently they are from a limited run of 100 prints. All the more awesome.

* I paused writing this post to check my ‘seen live list’ and find out just how many times I have actually seen him.
I initially thought it was four, not five!

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