Monday, 25 May 2015

8-Bit Spirited Away

I posted about ‘8-Bit Cinema’ last summer, when I first came across their amazing videos. But until recently there hadn’t been any 8-bit-style Studio Ghibli videos. Strange really as anything Japanese seems greatly suited to the classic 8-bit style to me! (The Japanese being at the forefront of the 8-bit gaming era in the 1980s.)

The Spirited Away 8-bit video was posted online at the end of April, this year, but, as is the way with me and popular things on the Internet, I have only just seen it. And it is brilliant. It did make me realise, however, that I haven’t watched the actual film for quite some time. I must re-watch it soon…

CineFix presents Spirited Away retold via old-school 8-bit (and a little 16 bit) game tech. No quarters or controllers required! (Just some imagination and magic.) 8-bit a.k.a. the third generation of gaming started in 1983 with the Japanese release of the Nintendo Family Computer and Sega. Can you guess what games inspired our 8-bit version of Spirited Away?

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