Saturday, 23 May 2015


I have a Snufkin [from the Moomins] ‘page’ on Facebook and it is surprisingly popular – especially considering I rarely post anything. It currently has over 700 likes and is gaining more every week!

I originally created the page way back in 2011, I think just so that I could list Snufkin as an ‘inspirational figure’ on my own Facebook profile – a feature that doesn’t seem to exist any longer. Since then I’ve occasionally posted the odd image or quote but there is usually a gap of several months where I don’t do anything with the page. I rarely post to Facebook on my own private profile either.

Yet, all the same, the page is continuing to gain more followers… or likers – is that what they would be called on Facebook? So, I’ve been having a look at the ‘insights’ feature for the page and there’s some quite interesting stats.

Lots of fans in Mexico!

Just think how popular the page could be if I actually dedicated some time to it…
Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. You could maybe like the page anyway?

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