Tuesday, 12 May 2015


I’m trying to make sure that, as well as going to the gym, yoga classes and swimming, I fit a decent amount of walking into my week – with or without walking companions.

I have my new iPhone 5S and the pedometer feature (plus this pedometer app) to blame/thank for enlightening me as to just how little I walk on weekdays – due to spending most of the day sat at a desk! Anyway, it’s also been quite nice and sunny these last few days so I ought to make the most of it. The sun is setting later so who’s to say that I can’t go for a post-work, post-gym, post-dinner stroll along the Embankment?! Which is what I did last night…

Today I popped out for a brief explorative walk in Oakley – the Bedfordshire village where I work – on my lunch break. Since we moved offices from Stevington, a year ago, I confess I haven’t been on many lunchtime wanders. I miss the windmill! I will try to get out more. Today I discovered a public footpath/bridleway which lead me here…

I really do live and work in lovely places. Bedfordshire is lovely.

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