Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Thrones goes Disney

A bunch of us at work – who conveniently all sit in one corner of the studio – are big Game of Thrones enthusiasts. This means that our conversations are filled with references to the show and discussions about the latest episode. Unfortunately two out of five of us are not up-to-date with the latest season… WHICH WAS AWESOME BY THE WAY – because I most certainly am up-to-date (plus, I’ve read the books). The remaining three of us have only been able to have cryptic conversations regarding the season finale to ensure we don’t give anything away! Spoiler-sports suck.

BUT we were all able to enjoy these incredible Disney-style illustrations of Thrones characters that Dale found earlier today – as they contain no spoilers… at least, not for season 5 anyway.

These are the work of Fernando Mendonça who has lots of other great illustrations on his Deviant Art page. He’s certainly made me want to watch a Disney Game of Thrones…

On a Diseny-related note: I am watching Frozen for the first time tonight.

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