Saturday, 27 June 2015

Church Cove & Falmouth

Saturday was another beautiful day in Cornwall. We started the day by popping to Church Cove for a dip in the sea. Church Cove is just a few miles away from Gunwalloe, where we were staying, but as we were short for time that day we drove rather than walking the cliff path. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the beach it became apparent that the sea was much more suited to surfing than swimming – ie. it was very choppy. But, we did dip our feet / ankles / lower-legs in. Well, when I say ‘we’ I mean mum and I did, and dad took some photos.

There we are, at a distance (dad took some closer photos of both of us but don’t know if mum wants me to share them online!)
So here is one just of me, because it’s already been shared on Instagram and Twitter anyway.
The actual church of Church Cove.
I sat a while on the beach reading my book but it was soon time to head back…

Because my next stop, leaving the parents to go off out without me, was Falmouth where I met my bestest buddy, Lauren. She came down from Exeter, Devon, to stay for the weekend with us. We had a lovely, somewhat nostalgic, day in Falmouth visiting old haunts and sighing at how much Falmouth had moved on without us – we both went to university in Falmouth, if you didn’t know that!

First of all, we had pasties on the pier. Mine was goat’s cheese! I know, what?!
We went to check out the new Falmouth town university campus (used to be called Woodlane).
It looks crazy different (better!). We were wondering if they’d let us come back…
And then walked through Fox Rosehill Gardens towards the beach. More bamboo!
Good old Gylly. Lots of people (although perhaps not pictured here), lots of seaweed.
However, we didn’t stop at Gylly, because we decided to walk around the coast path to Swanpool.
And I had yet more Cornish ice cream (plus chocolate coated ginger, that isn’t so visible here)
and an apple and green tea drink.

See the previous day, Porthleven, Land’s End & the Minack Theatre, here.

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