Monday, 6 July 2015

Gurafiku: the Japanese graphic design archive

Ryan Hageman, a designer/researcher based in Chicago, has an excellent and ever-growing blog that forms ‘a collection of visual research surveying the history of graphic design in Japan’ – Gurafiku.

I was pointed in the direction of Gurafiku by my very own design studio, emc design, tweeting about an It’s Nice That post. (I’m so bad at keeping up to date with Twitter, design blogs and all things Japan related these days so it was lucky that I happened to see the tweet tonight!)

“Looking through all the works archived on Gurafiku, I am always impressed by the sheer diversity of different styles, approaches and methodologies present in Japanese graphic design. It’s these characteristics that’s been able to carry my interest in the project for so many years.” – Ryan Hageman says in the article for It’s Nice That

Japanese Manga: A Meal Makes Her Forget. Jun Abe / Yasuhisa Kawatani. 2014
Japanese Poster: Forest in Tokyo. Chikako Oguma. 2015
Japanese Illustration: Tokyo Xperia. Hasegawa Shinpei. 2014
Japanese Magazine Cover: Graph Press. Shogo Sato. 2012
Japanese Theater Poster: Frog Ascension. Motoki Koitabashi (Akaoni Design). 2015

Those are just some of the most recent images added to Gurafiku. I’ve added some more of my favourites here…

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