Sunday, 28 June 2015

St Ives & a cliff-top evening stroll

Sunday was due to be a wet day and the morning, at least, certainly was. But that was not going to stop us from going outside and enjoying being in Cornwall! Lauren and I set off in the rain and arrived to a very damp and misty St Ives at around 11am. (My parents went off to do some shopping in Hayle and then copied our plans by turning up in St Ives later in the day as well!) We had a nice time wandering the quaint little shopping streets, popping in shops but generally not really buying anything and had coffee and cake in Lauren’s favourite cafĂ©. It wasn’t too long before it stopped raining and then sun came out a little bit.

Misty, but still pretty!
Brownie and a cappuccino in Madeline’s.
Whilst being serenaded by this banjo-wielding chappie outside.
The seagulls of St Ives are the most vicious I have ever known.
We wandered away from the harbour and shopping streets, up a hill to this church.
And coastguard station (I think, anyway).
I dunno, I just liked this door.

It was then time to say goodbye to my favourite Tooze. I dropped Lauren at St Erth train station before heading back to Gunwalloe. I arrived before my parents and as I didn’t have my own key – plus the sun was finally shining – I wandered off down to the beach. I had intended on simply sitting on the beach with my book but ended up walking along a coastal path instead. I turned back after a little while but the view was stunning all the same.

By the time I got back to the cottage, dad had started cooking dinner. We ate fairly early that evening and then headed outside to make the most of the evening sunshine and warmth. Our route took us back along the path I had taken earlier in the day but this time we walked almost all the day to Church Cove.

So many daisy-like wild flowers.

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