Thursday, 25 June 2015

Trebah Garden

On my second day in Cornwall we visited Trebah Garden which is situated on the Helford river – next to another garden, Glendurgan. Trebah was a garden that I had not visited before (although I did find out upon entry that Falmouth students could get in for something like £1!) and neither had my parents. We’ve been to Glendurgan a few times, as it is a National Trust garden – my parents are members and I was when I lived in Cornwall, too. But, on this occasion, we thought it time that we visit Glendurgan’s neighbour instead.

But first, I read some of my book outside.
(You’ll notice that I was 18% through it at this point, but I actually finished it before the end of my holiday!)
A first peak at the Helford river, upon arrival at Trebah.
So many pretty flowers to photograph.
And plenty of palm trees too!
Koi pond.
Plus a heron… although not a real one.
Bamboo! Reminiscent of the Fox Rosehill gardens in Falmouth.
A lovely little bridge. If it was red it would look very Japanese-inspired.
The river as viewed from Trebah’s private beach.
Climbing a hill.
And ever admiring the trees.
Climbed even higher to get this secret view.
There were lots of little robins about, some more photogenic than others.
We also popped to Argal reservoir, near Penryn, before returning to the cottage.
…and had ice cream.
Followed by a healthier homemade salad and beetroot juice for dinner.
And one of my favourite Cornish ciders – Cornish Orchards.

See the previous day, Gunwalloe & Loe Bar, here.

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