Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Complete Gig List

I’m one of those weird people that likes making lists (and playlists). I also really like music and live music in particular. Anyone that knows me well knows that I go to quite a lot of gigs – five in the last month and two more later this week! Which is quite a lot compared to the average person and especially so considering that I don’t live in London (or any other major city for live music, ie. Manchester).

Some years ago I sat down and worked out every gig that I had been to: dates, where it was, who was supporting, who was headlining. I couldn’t always recall the support acts and for some I didn’t want to recall them, but I managed a pretty complete list. Ever since I have been making sure that I keep said list up to date. The list doesn’t include all of the small random local shows in Falmouth nor any from my Pitz-going days as a teenager in Milton Keynes. It does however include gigs that I wouldn’t shout about having been to, but it is honest.

The list used to be published online in a journal but since the website is having a major re-design (and has been for the last few months) the journal feature isn’t working… So, I’ve posted the list here on my blog instead. And there is also a separate ‘Seen Live’ list that simply lists bands and how many times I’ve seen them.

My current task involves adding to a Spotify playlist containing songs by all of the bands in my gig list – well, all of the ones I deem decent enough to still listen to – in chronological order. I’m still adding to it (and will continue to, as I don’t intend on ceasing going to shows!) but take a look/listen if you fancy it…

It gets progressively more punk.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

It’s here!

As of today, Love Japan magazine issue 2 is now available to buy in print and is also free to read online! (Although, I’d recommend getting it in print… because it’s a magazine.)
I got my copy earlier in the week and it looks great.

I’ve worked alongside some super talented and passionate people over the last few months and I’m really excited for the world to see the magazine, at last. I designed this issue but also look out for my own article in the Travel section!

Love Japan Magazine Issue 2 is jam packed full of interesting articles and interviews covering a wide range of topics from food, fashion and art, to lifestyle, travel and events.

Our first 20 print orders get a free gift of either a ‘I ♥ Japan’ pin badge, or Japanese food stickers. Click here to make the jump and grab a copy of the mag!

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Colin’s Punk Rock World

Last month I met a man named Colin who loves punk rock about ten times more than I do – and I really love punk rock myself! He just so happens to have an excellent blog compiling album reviews, gig reviews and top tens called Colin’s Punk Rock World. It was always really well-written but, being the keen graphic designer that I am, I immediately asked if I could offer my design expertise. I initially designed a new banner for the Facebook page and tonight I tweaked the blog to match.

Yes, I am also plugging my own review that I wrote for the blog a few weeks ago. At least, it’s kind of a review but mostly me babbling about how The Gaslight Anthem ‘changed my life’ or something like that. Colin was kind enough to think it worthy of being posted anyway.

ps. Colin is also now my boyfriend but that’s kind of irrelevant here.