Thursday, 17 September 2015

Colin’s Punk Rock World

Last month I met a man named Colin who loves punk rock about ten times more than I do – and I really love punk rock myself! He just so happens to have an excellent blog compiling album reviews, gig reviews and top tens called Colin’s Punk Rock World. It was always really well-written but, being the keen graphic designer that I am, I immediately asked if I could offer my design expertise. I initially designed a new banner for the Facebook page and tonight I tweaked the blog to match.

Yes, I am also plugging my own review that I wrote for the blog a few weeks ago. At least, it’s kind of a review but mostly me babbling about how The Gaslight Anthem ‘changed my life’ or something like that. Colin was kind enough to think it worthy of being posted anyway.

ps. Colin is also now my boyfriend but that’s kind of irrelevant here.

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