Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Complete Gig List

I’m one of those weird people that likes making lists (and playlists). I also really like music and live music in particular. Anyone that knows me well knows that I go to quite a lot of gigs – five in the last month and two more later this week! Which is quite a lot compared to the average person and especially so considering that I don’t live in London (or any other major city for live music, ie. Manchester).

Some years ago I sat down and worked out every gig that I had been to: dates, where it was, who was supporting, who was headlining. I couldn’t always recall the support acts and for some I didn’t want to recall them, but I managed a pretty complete list. Ever since I have been making sure that I keep said list up to date. The list doesn’t include all of the small random local shows in Falmouth nor any from my Pitz-going days as a teenager in Milton Keynes. It does however include gigs that I wouldn’t shout about having been to, but it is honest.

The list used to be published online in a journal but since the website is having a major re-design (and has been for the last few months) the journal feature isn’t working… So, I’ve posted the list here on my blog instead. And there is also a separate ‘Seen Live’ list that simply lists bands and how many times I’ve seen them.

My current task involves adding to a Spotify playlist containing songs by all of the bands in my gig list – well, all of the ones I deem decent enough to still listen to – in chronological order. I’m still adding to it (and will continue to, as I don’t intend on ceasing going to shows!) but take a look/listen if you fancy it…

It gets progressively more punk.

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