Sunday, 13 February 2011

Chy Morva

That's the name of my new house. Or at least the house I'll be living in come July/August, as we signed our contracts this evening. And that's the only thing I've actually done today.

After a very good house party, including a brief trip into town and back again, for Lee's birthday last night, I wasn't up to much today. Didn't leave Leeannajames' house 'til 4am.

This will be us:

(Joel, Ellinor and I)
Of course, we already look like this. But we will be in our own house.


  1. Hello. This is really random and weired, but I used to study at UCF, aand for two years I lived in a house in Falmouth called Chy Morva! We were three people living in this amazing tiny place. Could this be the same Chy Morva? It's some bad photos of it in my blogg.. It would be soo amazing to see if the place looks the same, or if they have done something to it... Well, enjoy Falmouth ALL YOU CAN!!! I think those three years at Uni was 3 AMAZING years!!! :) -Jeanette

  2. Oh my! This is amazing. Sounds like the very same Chy Morva. It would be odd if there was more than one in Falmouth. Unfortunately I can't show you any photographs, as we don't move in until July! But stay in touch and I'd gladly share.

    Also, are you from Norway? One of my two future housemates is Norwegian also. :D

    What did you study in Falmouth?

  3. Yes I'm from Norway (therefore the broken english)) Where in Norway is your friend from?
    I studied Ba(Hons) Photography, we were the last year that had their spaces at Woodlane :)
    I lived in Falmouth from 2005 till 2007.

    It would be so cool if you could post photos from Chy Morva how it looks like now when you move in!! When we lived there we had herbs in the garden, so hopefully they are still there :) I might post more Falmouth photos on my blog later on, so keep you eyes open for it ;)

    Chy Morva was loved by us, and of all our friends, something magic about the place ;)

  4. Your English is fine! My Norwegian is limited. Tak!
    She's from Hamar? If I am spelling that correctly.

    Oh wow. I didn't even know Photography was ever at Woodlane, but that's great. Woodlane is so lovely. I study Graphic Design so that's at Woodlane. The Tremough campus is too big!

    There will definitely be lots of photographs! I may take one of the front of the house at some point, before I move in. But I'm sure that hasn't changed. I will be sure to check out your photos. I will follow your blog. :)

    We were lucky in being the first people to view it this year, and knew immediately that we wanted it. I cannot wait to move in. Having the garden will be nice. Not sure there was much more than just the normal grassy lawn though. We can change that.

  5. Hehe tak means roof, I guess you ment takk? (thanks) But very good!And Hamar is correct spelled :)

    Yes, they moved photography from Woodlane summer of 2007 I think. Not sure whats there now, but I'm sooo glad I had the pleasure of going to Woodlane.. It's the best place to study!!! :D

    It's something about Chy Morva. We looked at soo many houses, but it was something wrong about all of them. Non of them felt like "home".. But the second we went inside Chy Morva we just fell in love :)
    My old house mates will flip when they find out I tumbled over the new attendants of our old home.. I wonder if my favorite "pig" mug is still there...?? I left it there when I moved, had no room for it in my bag :p

    Is the landlady still Chris??? She was talking about selling the place for a while, but not sure if she did in the end..

  6. Ah yes. I know I've made that mistake before as well! So now I know two words.

    It's just Fine Art, Illustration, Fashion and Graphic Design. Plus I think, possibly, some MAs. Haha, I'll be interested to know what they say. My (future) housemates found it intriguing that you've contact me. Ellinor was especially pleased - I think for the Norway link!

    If it's there when we move in, I'd happily return it!

    Nope. It's a man named John now so must be different.