Friday, 23 December 2011

Milton Keynes

So, I'm still not quite sure why but all day D&AD have been tweeting #MKfacts. They also posted these posters, which I can only assume are from the 70s. Pretty cool! Although the best part is the small print, which D&AD have re-written underneath each image on Flickr.

"There'll be a lot more to Central Milton Keynes than impressive shopping facilities."
Funny, that is all I feel MK is.

"Milton Keynes is in North Buckinghamshire, an hour by road from London and just a bit longer from Birmingham. Direct rail services bring you from many major cities like London, Liverpool, Manchester and Coventry, and the M1 and the proposed new motorway links will take you from Milton Keynes to parts and airports all over the country."
But far away from Cornwall/the coast.

"There are parts that go back to Roman and medieval times, and you can still see where the Saxons lived in Woughton-on-the-green, and the Georgian and Victorian houses in Stony Stratford."

"In 1991 there'll be about a quarter of a million people living in Milton Keynes - which makes it almost the size Leicester or Plymouth are today. If that seems a long time to wait, remember that the first stage of Milton Keynes will be completed by 1977."

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